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Event Security


Mason Black understands the devastating legal ramifications of not providing adequate safety measures and security for your event. We also understand the frustration of dealing with   Mason Black successfully manages and staffs corporate events of all sizes around the world.


We understand what's important to you, if we don't at our first meeting, we'll listen until we do. Here is what we know:

  • Your corporate brand is important to you. No one wants negative press, expensive public litigation, or a social media PR backlash for poor security decisions.

  • You want to anticipate human and mechanical disruptions to your event and have measures in place to mitigate and respond to the disruption effectively and efficiently.

  • You want someone you can look to for assistance and guidance in the event of an emergency, you want someone to have the knowledge and experience in Crisis Management to act appropriately and within guidelines.

  • You want a security team that is capable of working collaboratively with employees, vendors, and ancillary contacts to help ensure a seamless event. 


Call or email us to discuss your specific needs: (833) 419-1775 or

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